Quick Update and June/July Releases

Ok all, this is a quick update. Sorry I haven’t posted much. There really hasn’t been much to post about. I thought I’d just let you all know what is going on with me and (to make this post even worth looking at) some of the releases in the next few months. So I will be driving up to Virginia for pretty much the rest of June, and I will be posting, but I will need some help from you all. Any artists or producers, feel free to contact me with your music (or anyone with some music you would like to see on here for that matter) either via email (thebasslist@gmail.com) or via soundcloud. My dropbox is at the bottom of the page. Just click that link and submit a track or two. So, now on to the releases!

Skrillex – More Monsters & Sprites EP – June 7 (Beatport) and June 21 (iTunes)
Doctor P – Tetris – June 13
DJ Fresh – Louder (Flux Pavilion & Doctor P Remix) – July 3

Also, Camo & Krooked just came out with 2 new music videos on UKF Drum & Bass. I personally love the video for Breezeblock, which you can find here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NcSM_sayac

Sorry for the long, scattered post, but this is just what’s been on my mind lately. If you want to see more or less of these, let me know in the comments below. They are free and anonymous and you do not need to sign up to comment.

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